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Are You a Single Woman?
Would You Like to Discover How to Find, Attract, and Keep the Right Man?

At My Upcoming London or Birmingham Event You’ll Discover:   

  • My proven coaching strategies for getting single women married, engaged or how to attract the right man in their life.
  • The exact system I used to help Lucy find her husband after only 3 coaching sessions with me.
  • How to avoid having meaningless short-term relationships and how to prevent yourself from attracting time wasters who are just wrong for you..
  • Why you have been attracting the wrong men into your life and how to avoid time wasters .

At the 'I Can Find You The Right Man' event I'm going to be divulging the little known techniques you can use to ATTRACT THE RIGHT MAN into your life EVERY SINGLE TIME... by using  a detailed step-by-step plan on how to have the right relationship your truly deserve


I can definitely help you at my London or Birmingham event if you are:

  • Fed up and tired of attracting the Wrong Men and who want to start to find Mr. Right FAST.
  • Looking to find a man who shares the same values, beliefs and goals as you to spend the rest of your life together
  • A Divorcee who have lost their confidence and want to get back into the dating field.
  • Looking for a serious relationship or want to get married
  • Wanting to attract Good Quality Men into YOUR Life DAILY
  • Are a Christian who believe that God provides YOU with opportunities every day, but YOU must take action and take advantage of these - I’ll show you how to find your Christian husband
  • Are aware that you have “unresolved issues” (we all have them by the way) and want to move away from them.
  • Feeling that your biological clock is ticking very loudly and you NEED to find the right man to start a family FAST.
  • Having no idea as to why you are successful in other areas of life, and yet keep meeting the wrong men.
  • Feeling left out because so many of their female friends and family are settled…


Do you want to fast track meeting someone for serious relationship very soon (in a few days to weeks)?

I am here to help women like you to meet good quality men so that you can have the perfect relationship you desire!

Plus... I'll show you:

How to Get a Man You Like to Give You His Mobile Number Without Making it Obvious You Like Him!



Through a long process of Questionnaires, Interviews, Surveys, Facebook Posts, Webinars, Workshops, Seminars and Interviewing thousands of women on TV and Radio Shows, I have developed “Personal Secret Dating Courses” for finding, attracting, keeping, and building a fulfilling relationship with the right man for you as you've always wanted – VERY Quickly....

Des O’Connor on SKY TV

WARNING: ROOM CAPACITY CAPPED AT JUST 100 TICKET HOLDERS FOR MY “I Can Find You The Right Man” event in London or Birmingham!

This Event WILL Sell Out


You must listen to this amazing testimonial on How Des O'Connor Transformed Her Life! 
 Shay Allie and Ayman Najafi - founders of Inspire'd, the UK's leading platform for inspirational and transformational talks

Paul Carrick Brunson Endorses Des O'Connor 

Brian Howie, founder of the Great Love Debate on Des O'Connor talk in the USA 
Des O'Connor's Testimonials From Happy Women
Here are some more testimonials about Des O'Connor

Please read this from one of my webinar attendees who has found her husband!

Like many people I wanted to be meet someone special but found myself in a constant cycle of short-lived relationships with long periods of being single. At aged 32 after never being in a long-term meaningful relationship, I decided I needed to take a look at where I was going wrong.

I listened to a webinar by Des O Connor called ‘Date the Right Partner’.

The advice that Des gave was fantastic and really helped me to look at my relationship habits and how I kept making the same mistakes. As well as listening to the webinar I also corresponded with Des via email and found him to be very supportive and encouraging. Listening to the webinar and speaking with Des taught me a lot about my attitude towards relationships. I used this knowledge to make changes in my love life and met my current partner in May 2013. By avoiding my previous mistakes I am enjoying a much more fulfilling relationship. We have been together for 18 months and he proposed in December 2014.

There were times when I wondered if I would ever meet the right person and now I am enjoying being a bride-to-be and planning my future wedding. Des has a real understanding of relationships and the many ways that people prevent themselves from finding the right person such as not being honest about what you want.

I would definitely recommend him as a relationship coach as he certainly can help you to find the right partner! SH
Sue 43 - After coming out of a painful divorce, Des could empathize with me (as he had a similar experience) and guided me to a place of peace and forgiveness. I realized I was very angry with my ex-husband, and men could pick-up on this. Des coached me on how to let go of the past and focus on what I want out of my life. I am now in a relationship with Steven and I have never been so happy. This is the BEST That’s Out There
You’re an angel Des xx


My First Marriage! - By Frema Jess

“I can’t thank Des enough. I originally met my husband at work however if it hadn’t been for his dating event in 2012 we never would have got together. You see I thought my husband wasn’t serious about settling down and when he began putting the moves on me I thought it was because he was just after one thing. However luck and faith ensured we ended up, unplanned, at Des’ dating event, in our finest attire.”

“I got more than a touch of the green eyed monster when I saw all the ladies making a beeline for him. I got more upset when I later learnt that he had scored a whole host of dates too! Des advised that I would have to tell him how I really felt if I wanted the chance with him as I had knocked him back previously. I took the plunge to invite him out a couple of weeks later and it was a great success. Less than a year later we were married!”

Found the Right Man after 2 Coaching Sessions.

2 sessions with Des O’Connor really changed the way I looked at myself and life and by only having 2 coaching sessions with him helped me to attract the right man into my life. I am so happy! Lucy Johnson

Lucy and Mark are now happily married!



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  • 10 Dating and Relationship Downloadable Books Value £270
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  • Why Do We Stay in the Wrong Relationships?
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  • 15 Dating and Relationship Downloadable Books
  • Refreshments all day
  • Notepad pen and table
  • Why Do We Stay in the Wrong Relationships?
  • 11 Keys to Finding the Right Man
  • 14 ways on How to find and Attract the Right Man
  • Gold £97

  • Value £943

  • 15 Dating and Relationship Downloadable books
  • Lunch and Refreshments all day
  • A FREE hour of dating coaching from Des O’Connor (value £197)
  • Notepad pen, table and front row seating
  • Why Do We Stay in the Wrong Relationships?
  • 11 Keys to Finding the Right Man
  • 14 ways on How to Find and Attract the Right Man
  • How to find and attract the right man on Facebook
  • How to Win Him Over Dating Advice for Women
  • Where to Meet Men How to Meet Men?
  • Why Do I Keep Attracting the Wrong Men?


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